How Old is Old Enough to Be a Bridesmaid?

How Old is Old Enough to Be a Bridesmaid?

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When it comes to choosing your wedding party, you've got so many people to choose from: Childhood buddies, college BFFs, siblings, your closest friends in your new city… the list goes on! It's already a lot of options, but there are even more when you reconsider the age requirement. So how old is old enough to be a bridesmaid, and which of your gals is too young for the job? Our experts weigh in.

While the cut off between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid is clearly set at "tween," figuring out where to draw the line between junior bridesmaids and bridesmaids is a little more tough. You'll want her to be old enough that she can hang out with your friends and still feel comfortable, but also don't want to deny the spot to a special woman in your life just because she doesn't have a driver's license.

There are two logical places to draw the line between your junior bridesmaids and your bridesmaids. The first is to place the cut-off at 17 or 18 - i.e. making a high school diploma a requirement. This will ensure that the 'maid in question is a little more grown up, which will make her more comfortable amongst your 20-something friends and make her feel like she's part of the gang instead of just your little sister or younger cousin.

The second option is to draw the line at 21. This will enable her to attend your bachelorette festivities, whether you're heading to a winery or hitting the Vegas Strip. It would be a bummer to leave your sister behind, especially if she has Maid of Honor status, and setting the bar a little higher means she'll be able to participate.

Of course, you can also define the role however you'd like to accommodate the girls you love. If your sis is 15, why not let her still serve as your MOH? There's no reason that special role can't go to someone a little younger. Include her in as much as possible, then send her down the aisle with a groomsman when the time comes!

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