17 Valentine's Day Activities for the Anti-Valentine's Day Couple

17 Valentine's Day Activities for the Anti-Valentine's Day Couple

Let's face it-even if you're in a happy, committed relationship, Valentine's Day can still be a nightmare (and being single on V-day is a whole other story). Not every couple pounces at the opportunity to partake in standard Valentine's day activities and shower each other with flowers and chocolates, which is perfectly fine. But, when the day of love comes around, what's an anti-Valentine's Day couple to do? Fear not-if you and your partner aren't fans of February 14, we rounded up the best anti-Valentine's Day activities that have absolutely nothing to do with pink, roses, or stuffed teddy bears. From a friendly round of laser tag to crafting sarcastic cards, here's how to treat Valentine's Day like any regular date night (with a slightly more adventurous spin) with your anti-Valentine's Day partner.

1. Take a workout class.

Nothing says romance less than sweat! While other couples might be pigging out on chocolate and expensive dinners, you both can feel super fit and accomplished by signing up for a fitness class or two. Make it more thrilling by trying a brand new regimen.

2. Play laser tag.

Relive your teenage glory days with a round of laser tag. Neon lights, friendly competition, and dark obstacle courses are the epitome of anti-Valentine's Day.

3. Try an escape room.

Up the ante on your Valentine's Day date with a little challenge thrown into the mix. Use your smarts to see if you and your S.O. can beat a breakout room with clues and puzzles before time runs out.

4. Take a nap.

Use this holiday to catch up on some much-needed Z's together, have some quiet downtime, and avoid encountering any Valentine's Day enthusiasts.

5. Make cocktails.

Come Happy Hour (or earlier), you and your partner can spend the evening testing your hands at mixology. Round up a few alcoholic beverages and mixers, then experiment with liquor combos to your heart's desire. You can also look up actual cocktail recipes, but that's less fun.

6. Have a movie marathon.

Absolutely no rom-coms or tear-jerking dramas allowed during this V-day movie sesh! Queue up some of your favorite action or comedy films (or maybe even horror if you're really trying to dispel Valentine's Day) and spend a lazy day together.

7. Tackle a DIY project.

Been meaning to build that desk you ordered from IKEA for the last two weeks? Use this February 14 as an opportunity to roll up your sleeves, pull out the power tools, and rope your significant other into helping you take on a new home improvement or DIY project. This truly shows your partner's genuine love for you, minus the sappy Valentine's Day motifs.

8. Take an improv class.

You and your significant other can create your own version of a comedy show by taking an improv class together on Valentine's Day. Bring your creativity and charming sense of humors. You might even get to use this as an outlet to poke fun at February 14.

9. Make a funny playlist.

There's no shortage of love playlists out there, so take the opposite route and create a non-Valentine's Day roundup of songs. Even though Spotify already has one, make your own unique version with popular tunes like "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon and "Anti Love Song" by Betty Davis.

10. Host an Anti-Valentine's Day party.

If your friend circle also rejects Valentine's Day, invite your posse over for an anti-Valentine's Day themed party… AKA a normal party that just happens to fall on February 14 (sans heart-shaped decor). Serve some food, drinks, and good music (cue the anti-Vday playlist!) and you're all set.

11. Dog sit.

Even if you don't have a dog, fixate your V-day love on a canine companion through services like Wag! and Rover. Scope out the pooch you'd like to walk, and you and your S.O. can hang out with a new furry friend while earning some extra dough.

12. Get lost.

We get so wrapped up in our daily routines that sometimes we need to take an opportunity to get lost on purpose. With no destination in mind, take a drive or walk with your girlfriend/boyfriend and explore your surroundings. Leave Google Maps out of this one-getting lost is encouraged.

13. Go to a bookstore.

If you envision a quiet night in for Valentine's Day, stock up with some reading material at a local bookstore, or spend time browsing at a brand new one. Keep things entertaining by picking out reads for each other.

14. Play trivia.

Put your thinking caps on and attend a local bar or restaurant that hosts trivia night. Or, make your own version at home with a few friends to form the teams and a roundup of printable questions from the Internet.

15. Make each other sarcastic cards.

This holiday wouldn't be complete without love letters and paper valentines, so put a quirky spin on this tradition by crafting funny versions for your love. The satirical card options are endless.

16. Try axe throwing.

What better way to take your mind off Valentine's Day antics than by chucking an axe at a wall!? As scary (and violent) as it sounds, axe throwing or going to a shooting range ensure that you're guaranteed to forget alllll about everything associated with this mushy-gushy holiday. This badass (and weirdly satisfying) activity is completely safe and quite the arm workout.

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17. Go to a sports bar.

Steer clear of lovey-dovey duos at a non-romantic, low-key sports bar or wing spot (wings were even ranked as the worst food to eat on a date, FYI). Beer and bar food are the only Valentines you and your S.O. need this year (besides each other, of course).