Steven McQueen of The Vampire Diaries Is Engaged to Model Alexandra Silva

Steven McQueen of The Vampire Diaries Is Engaged to Model Alexandra Silva

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If you're still unsure if Jeremy from Vampire Diaries ever really got over Vicki Donovan, Bonnie Bennett, or any of his on-air flames, we have nothing for you. But IRL, Steven McQueen has found the love of his life! The actor just announced that he's officially engaged to model Alexandra Silva.

The former star of the CW teen drama has popped the question to his girlfriend, ahem, fiancГ©e, announcing the nuptial news early Thursday morning via a sweet snapshot posted to his Instagram page.

“She said yes,” McQueen, 29, captioned the photo of himself and his bride-to-be sharing a smooch over dessert. Apparently, the former teen dream proposed over a romantic dinner. While the ring is unfortunately a little hard to see in the pic, we can tell this rock really shines even from a distance!

Silva soon shared the same photo to her own Instagram page, with a caption showing just how excited she is about her engagement-and rightfully so! “My best friend, love of my life," Silva wrote. "YES, yes yes a million times over," she said, including the ring emoji for good measure.

Silva first popped up on McQueen's Instagram at the end of 2016, and since then, both of their feeds have been flooded with cutesy couple photos of how they spend their time together. McQueen seems to have given up his vampire-hunting extracurriculars for humanitarian work, and loves bringing Silva along for the ride. Back in September, they even took a trip to Nicaragua to build homes.

In addition to humanitarian trips, this couple has embarked on quite a few adventures including ski vacays, a triathlon, and co-parenting an adorable pup.

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Since they are only a few hours into engaged life, it's hard to say what this couple's wedding will hold. But with their track record, it looks like they're in for a lifetime of adventures together.