Jennifer Lopez Shares Pics From Dreamy Beachside Proposal

Jennifer Lopez Shares Pics From Dreamy Beachside Proposal

The massive diamond ring that Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez with made everyone's jaw drop collectively-including J.Lo's. The singer confirmed just that on on Tuesday when she shared pics to social media showing off the dreamy proposal, including her shock at seeing the reported 15-carat ring.

In the pics (which looks to be ripped straight from a magazine), A-Rod, sporting a powder blue sweater and white pants, kneels on the beach in front of a picture-perfect beach sunset. Lopez's back is turned to the camera but fans can see a glimpse of her emotional reaction: hands clasped over her mouth as A-Rod places the massive rock on her hand. Lopez already looked every part the bride, donning a breezy white dress for the occasion.

People reports the former baseball player picked out the sparkler all on his own. Way to go, A-Rod-he definitely seemed to be in tune with what J.Lo would want.

Over the weekend, the gushy couple posted matching photos of the emerald-cut sparkler, indicating they'd just gotten engaged on their Bahamas beach vacation.

“He did everything on his own with the ring. It was a complete surprise to Jen,” a source told People.

Experts have estimated the ring is between 15 to 20 carats. (People's sources price it at $4.5 million while others estimate a cool million.) Rodriguez wasn't taking any chances with this stunning piece of jewelry. He wanted a showstopper, and he definitely found one.

It wasn't just the ring that knocked it out of the park. Rodriguez topped the engagement off with a sweet surprise for his new fiancГ©e: He covered their bedroom in rose petals and including some that spelled out "I <3 U" on their bed. He shared a cute photo of the moment over the weekend, showing he'd really thought the whole event through.

“Jennifer is ecstatic and so are their families and friends. Very few people knew Alex planned on proposing. It was very much a surprise for Jennifer,” the source added to People. “It was just how Alex wanted it.”

The couple hasn't said much else about the wedding festivities, but the ring is an indication that the celebration is probably going to be out-of-this-world. Already, people like Ellen DeGenres and Jimmy Fallon are gunning for a place in their bridal party, so they have plenty of supporters eager to make their special day spectacular.

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