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Does Your Ring Bearer Need a Boutonniere?

Does Your Ring Bearer Need a Boutonniere?

*Boutonnieres are typically given to every male involved in the wedding, including the groom, groomsmen, fathers, and some key family members (like your grandfathers, a beloved uncle, or a long-time friend of the family). So it stands to reason you'd have one made for your ring bearer, too. But if the little guy is particularly rowdy or too young to prominently pose for photos, you might want to skip purchasing his bout. Others might feel strongly that this little attendant will feel more involved if he matches the grown ups. Here, our etiquette expert weighs in on if you should give your ring bearer a boutonniere. *

It's up to you whether or not you want your ring bearer to wear a boutonniere during your ceremony. If he's wearing a mini version of the groomsmen's attire, it's a nice touch to keep the look consistent. Your florist can recreate the adult accessory on a smaller scale for him to wear down the aisle. Dressing this young attendant like one of the adults has another added benefit: He'll be more likely to behave like the men he's dressed with in order to feel more like the rest of the group. It's a definite plus if you fear this little guy will act out during the ceremony.

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On the other hand, you could create something fun and whimsical for him that feels more age appropriate. Many brides opt to have their florist add a small toy or more playful blooms to a ring bearers boutonniere. This way his look is still elevated but in a way that works for his young age.

If you're dressing him in an outfit that's entirely different from the rest of the men (for instance, skipping the jacket and going with pants, a shirt, and suspenders) you can definitely skip the boutonniere. But you should still consider giving him a little something extra that makes him feel like he's an important part of the day.

Just remember, depending on what type of boutonniere you're getting, it won't be a big expense to take on. The average price for a ring bearer's boutonniere is $8, so you could always purchase one and decide on the day of.