ALERT! You Can Honeymoon at the Actual Castle That Inspired Disney's Beauty and the Beast

ALERT! You Can Honeymoon at the Actual Castle That Inspired Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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It's a tale as old as time-much like you and your fiancГ© (if Belle and her prince met on Tinder, that is). Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast film was a hit with princess brides-to-be everywhere who have since been dreaming of twirling around castle ballrooms in voluminous, Disney-inspired wedding dresses. But ball gowns and magical rose bouquets aren't just for brides on the big screen. You can totally add a dose of fairytale vibes into your own wedding plans-or in this case, your honeymoon plans.

A Beauty and the Beast-inspired honeymoon? Oh yes, it's not just the stuff of fairytales. You can honeymoon in the actual castle that inspired the Disney flick. No word yet if the property features talking teapots, but here's hoping.

Chateau de Chambord, France

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ChГўteau de Chambord, in France's Loire Valley, is the largest chГўteau in the region and served as inspiration for the Beast's enchanted castle.

Yep, that castle. The public can tour the sprawling 16th-century French Renaissance castle and its gorgeous grounds. And honeymooners really looking to have their Disney dreams come true can stay in the GГ®tes Cerf et Salamandre-a set of stately lodgings at the very footsteps of the castle. Starting at 460 euros a night, couples can soak up the romantic, otherworldly atmosphere, channel Belle and her prince, and stroll through the property's private gardens.

Chateau De Chambord

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But if France isn't your jet-set honeymoon destination of choice, rest assured that you can still embark on a magical honeymoon worthy of a Disney princess. The vacation rental experts over at HomeAway recently debuted their Castle Collection-a curated list of the world's most stunning castles for couples to get their honeymoon on.

Oh, and did we mention they're totes affordable?

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Included in the list is Ireland's Castle of Lisheen, a restored 19th-century castle that's just $66 per person per night. Austria's Castle Wasserburg, a romantic moated castle near Vienna, also tops the list with its cool $100 per person per night price tag. And it turns out that you don't even have to leave the good old U S of A to get the royal treatment! The Piru Castle of north of Los Angeles is nestled on 10 acres between two canyons. A stay at the historic landmark costs just $25 per person per night.

See? Dreams (of the honeymoon variety, at least) can come true. And you didn't even need an enchantress to pull it off!


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