8 Tweets That Sum Up the Most Awkward Parts of Weddings

8 Tweets That Sum Up the Most Awkward Parts of Weddings

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At any wedding, there might be moments that range from mildly uncomfortable to downright awkward. It could be because of family drama, vows that took an inappropriate turn or a guest or two who are causing way too much trouble.

When those awkward moments enter the wedding, there's little you can do except laugh out loud, head to the open bar, or turn to Twitter.

Read on to relate to eight tweets that sum up the most awkward parts of any wedding.

1. When the Best Man Gets Out of Line

At many weddings, there are a handful of troublemakers that the couple getting married knows to keep an eye on. While sometimes those troublemakers are family members or friends' plus ones, they can also be the best man, who may have too much too drink, too much to say (inappropriately during the toast), or spend too much time flirting with the bridesmaids (or the bride's sister).

2. When Family Members Butt Heads

While weddings are supposed to be one giant party that's a good time for all, sometimes they can bring all of the family drama to the surface. One easy way for any wedding to turn awkward is when a screaming match breaks out between family members or when the bride, or groom, is arguing with their parents in front of all the guests.

3. When the Infamous Question Is Asked

The one question that spikes people's nerves at any wedding and makes things a bit uncomfortable is the question during the ceremony when the officiant asks if anyone has any objections. Even if no one barges through the doors and objects, any little sound, even a cough during that time, can make things feel odd.

4. When the Wedding Party Wears Weird Things

Sometimes the outfit you're asked to wear as a member of the bridal party is a little wacky. Whether it's as a guest and you're told to dress to a theme or wear a certain color, or you're a member of the wedding party and you have to wear an outfit that turns heads for all of the wrong reasons.

5. The Guests Who Knows Nobody

Every wedding has the awkward handful of guests that don't know anyone else but they come anyway and spend most of the time scrolling their cell phones, standing on the edge of the dance floor, and attempting to make conversation with people as they order another drink at the open bar.

6. The Weird and Sometimes Messy Traditions

While some wedding traditions get guests to feel overwhelmed with happy tears and joy, like the vows during the ceremony or the couple's first dance, some traditions make guests feel uncomfortable, like the garter toss or the cake cutting, where the couple feeds each other for what feels like an endless amount of time.

7. The Family That Swears They Know You

Even at your own wedding, you might come across people there that you hardly know. Whether it's friend's wedding guests or distant family members your parents begged you to invite, you'll come across people who will swear they know you and have spent time with you way more than you can remember to be true.

8. The Speeches That Linger

The good news about wedding toasts is that usually, they happen during dinner so you can stuff your face with food while tuning in occasionally. Except that some speeches feel like they linger forever and carry on far too long. Those are the speeches that get people antsy and eager for another drink.


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