5 Tips for a Successful Father-Daughter Dance

5 Tips for a Successful Father-Daughter Dance

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Move over, grooms! As much as the big day is about the happy couple, it's also a poignant moment between father and daughter. After all, dad was the first man you ever loved and the first man to love you back. He's put up with the good, the bad and the ugly (including boyfriends!) throughout the years, and in our eyes, that's certainly worth celebrating. From picking the perfect song to perfecting your steps, we've got the ultimate guide on how to ace the father-daughter dance and have a blast in the process.

1. Practice makes perfect

Whether you're aiming for a viral-worthy performance or doing the traditional slow dance, it's always best to practice your moves with dad at least once, if not more, prior to the wedding. This way, you'll hopefully be able to eliminate any jitters and brush up on your steps together. In turn, the dance will look fluid, as opposed to clumsy and awkward, the day-of.

2. Choose a song together

Or be a peach and give dad the freedom to pick his favorite. Hey, that's one way to get fathers involved in the whole wedding planning thing, right? Either way, the music should reflect your style and personalities, and most importantly, the love you have for each other, be it through the lyrics or the fact that the song holds a special meaning for you both. Don't worry; it's okay if no one else really gets it as long as it's not creepy (A.K.A. suggestive) because that would be weird!

3. Bring in a professional

What better way to bond with dad before the big day and share some laughs than by taking a few professional dance classes? A choreographed father daughter dance will not only increase your confidence and minimize stress, but it will also help keep the floodgates from opening up if that's something you're concerned about. Plus, your guests will definitely dig it!

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4. Share the spotlight

If dancing in front of a big crowd makes you uncomfortable or you just don't want to sway for several minutes straight alone, after a minute or so why not invite other couples to join you and your dad out on the dance floor? This is the perfect opportunity to switch partners if you have a step dad you'd like to honor, too. Dad can simply grab his wife and continue busting a move.

5. Cut it short

Unless your father daughter dance is guaranteed to be epic and is a choreographed routine, we highly recommend opting for the shortened version of the song verse the full five minutes. Otherwise, you'll probably start to get antsy and your guests will lose interest.


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