Vanderpump Rules ' Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Are Dishing on Their Marriage Plans

Vanderpump Rules ' Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Are Dishing on Their Marriage Plans

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Reality-show buffs have been waiting for Jax Taylor to pop the question to his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright since August's season premiere of Vanderpump Rules when the former bad boy revealed that he might be ready to settle down. In the episode, he actually asked Cartwright's mother for her blessing and even let it slip that he already had a ring designer to craft his love's future engagement ring! But three months later, fans of the show are still waiting on this proposal. So, what's the deal? Can we expect another Vanderpump Rules wedding in the future Г la Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's nuptials? Will Lisa Vanderpump officiate? Here's what Jax and Brittany have to say.

"I don't have a ring on my finger if that's what you're asking!" Cartwright recently told E! News. Ehhh… That's not exactly what we wanted to hear. Things got even more disheartening when Taylor chimed in, saying, "To be totally honest, I was against marriage. I always have been." Uh-oh.

But don't lose hope for another Vanderpump Rules wedding just yet, you guys. "But until I met Brittany, that kind of changed," Tyalor continued. "When I do get married, it definitely will be to Brittany."

Okay, okay. So it doesn't appear that these two are running full-steam ahead with their plans to wed, but it definitely sounds like they're heading in that direction.

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Previously in an interview with Us Weekly, Cartwright revealed what exactly is holding up those wedding bells. "You know, Jax has to go to basically all the different family members,” she said of her supportive fam. “It's because they're just trying to make sure I'm okay, because I moved all the way across from Kentucky to L.A. It's a big change and all this time that's been taken way for them to spend with me, they want to make sure it's worth something. So they're just looking out for me and they just want to make sure that I'm making good decisions.”

You know what seems like a really good decision, Brittany? Getting married on national TV (like, soon) so we can all see every detail! Please and thank you.