10 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

10 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

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The heart of wedding season is almost upon us, and planners are just bracing themselves for the insanely drunk guest who needs to be carried off the dance floor. You don't want to be that person who everyone is talking about the next morning at Sunday brunch. With that in mind, here's what not to do at someone else's wedding this spring.

1. Don't show up with someone other than your intended "plus one."

If your boyfriend, fiancГ©, spouse, or significant other can't go to the wedding, don't bring along your sister or friend in place of him. People aren't exchangeable and the bride and groom will not be expecting a surprise guest.

2. Don't wear something too sexy.

A short, tight dress has a time and a place, and your friend's wedding is neither. "You don't want to catch everyone's eyes with a risquГ© dress and be the topic of conversation for the rest of the night," says Taylor Walkowicz Creative Director and Lead Planner at Kelly Karli Weddings and Events.

3. Don't play photog at the ceremony.

"The worst is when guests are standing or reaching into the aisle with their camera phones and iPads, impeding the view of the photographer that the couple has hired to capture the day," says Michelle Gainey, Lead Planner and Designer at Lemiga Events.

4. Don't dilly-dally between the ceremony and cocktail hour.

Once the ceremony is over, follow directions to go straight to cocktail hour. "We only have a short amount of time for pictures after the ceremony, or sometimes we have to flip the room for the reception," Gainey says. "Having guests who want to stay to try to get pictures with the couple greatly delays the process."

5. Don't try to switch seats.

If you're at a less-than-desirable table, just stay put. The bride and groom made all the seating decisions well ahead of time. Wait until dinner is done and then you're free to get up and roam as you please.

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6. Don't make an awkward toast.

If you've been asked to make a toast at the ceremony, a few sips of champagne to calm some jitters is fine, but don't throw back a few before getting up to speak. Being tipsy will be embarrassing for everyone, especially you.

7. Don't distract the staff.

Sure, the band's drummer is looking pretty hot, but he's there to work. Same goes for the wait staff. They're hired to help the event run smoothly. Don't get in the way of that by flirting or making special requests.

8. Don't cry (except for happy tears!).

You may be going through something difficult in your personal life and unintentionally steal the spotlight if the waterworks suddenly turn on when a particular song is played or you start to think about something stressful or unpleasant.

9. Don't grab table dГ©cor without asking first.

You might assume those seemingly countless flowers, vases, and candles are up for grabs at the end of the night, but they may be rentals that need to be returned. Don't put the bride and groom at risk for getting an unexpected bill from the florist, Gainey urges.

10. Don't be a copycat.

If there was something special or unique about the wedding, don't try to recreate it at your own, Walkowicz warns. If the couple loves a local bakery and gave out boxes of doughnuts at the end of the night, don't plan to do something similar on your big day. Be original and do something different.


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