Do Bachelorette Party Guests Have to Pick Up the Bride's Tab?

Do Bachelorette Party Guests Have to Pick Up the Bride's Tab?

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It's well-known that most times, the bachelorette party is planned by the maid of honor or a group of bridesmaids (though every once in awhile a bride might decide to plan the event for herself). But should the guest of honor be handing over cash or adding her credit card to the mix to cover her portion of the event? Our experts weigh in on if - and when - the bachelorette party guests should be footing the bill.

Think back to your last birthday dinner. Chances are, your friends refused to let you pay for your meal or drinks, treating it as your birthday gift, right? The same sentiment should apply to a one-night bachelorette party. If you're meeting your friends for dinner, then heading out for cocktails and dancing after, it's the norm for the guests to divide the bride's costs amongst themselves and treat her for the night.

However, if you're planning something a little more involved for the bachelorette party, there are definitely some things the bride should be covering for herself. If you're booking any sort of travel (airfare, hotel rooms, etc.) for a weekend getaway, the bride should cover her own travel costs. Planning a spa day? You might want to chip in to cover the cost of one of the bride's services, but bridesmaids and guests shouldn't be footing the entire bill. Going all-out on five days of relaxation in Tulum? The bride should be contributing evenly when it comes to the trip's general costs.

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But that doesn't mean the bride shouldn't be treated at some points. Whether you pay for her 90-minute massage or wouldn't hear of her paying for dinner during your big night out mid-trip, be sure to create at least one moment where she's clearly the guest of honor. For the rest of the activities you've planned, keep everyone's budgets (including the bride's!) in mind so everyone feels comfortable participating.


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