A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Use: Hangover Kits

A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Use: Hangover Kits

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Hangover kits are definitely one of our favorite recent wedding trends - your guests will appreciate a few goodies to help recover from your epic celebration. Tuck them into guests' welcome bags or display them near the exit at the end of the reception for everyone to pick up on their out - they'll thank you the next morning, guaranteed. Below are a few of our favorite hangover kits - if you have time, this is a fairly easy DIY project to tackle, but if you need to save time, you can purchase cute pre-made ones on Etsy.

1. Canvas Drawstring Bag

Customize the kit with a personalized leather tag.

• Advil for headaches aches and pains

• Bandaids for those blistered feet after dancing all night!

• Airborne for a vitamin boost

• Mouth wash to battle morning breath

• Sunglasses to hide tired eyes

• Eye drops to help get rid of redness and puffiness

Photo: Etsy/Welcome Bag Shoppe

2. Metallic Box with Personalized Sticker

This kit has everything your guest could possibly need to feel better, stat.

• Gatorade for energy

• Energy bar (ditto!)

• Mini bottle of water

• Aleve for headaches aches and pains

• Mouth wash

• Eye drops

Photo: Evermine

3. All the Essentials

Don't forget to include any of these must-have hangover items.

• Bottle of water (with a personalized sticker!)

• Energy bar

• Mouth wash

• Hand sanitizer

• Advil

• Tums

• Chapstick

Photo: Cassidy Brooke

4. Bloody Mary Hangover Kit

Because sometimes that's all you need to help take the edge off.

• Mini can of bloody mary mix

• Mini bottle of vodka

Photo: Brian LaBrada Photography

5. Bottle of Water

Keep it simple with a bottle of water and a little sack containing Advil or Aleve.

• Bottle of Water

• Advil or Aleve for headaches

Photo: Etsy/Be Collective

6. "Red Cross" Drawstring Bag

Leave these in guests' welcome bags - and they'll thank you the next day.

• Eye drops

• Tums

• Tylenol


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