3 Ways to Ditch the Drama at Your Bachelorette Party

3 Ways to Ditch the Drama at Your Bachelorette Party

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Raquel Kelley, E! Fashion Police producer and the creative force behind the wedding blog, I Guess I Do, is revealing how to make sure there's zero drama at your bachelorette party.

Before the big day, most likely comes the bachelorette party. A night when different friend circles with varying personalities collide in one room filled with booze and penis straws. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing or absolutely everything! Here are three ways to ditch the drama before it begins:

1. Don't Let the Destination Be Cause for Disaster

While you may be envisioning an epic-style party Г la The Hangover in Vegas, don't forget to envision everyone's pocket books first. If everyone is down for it, then great! But if you sense some hesitation, you may want re-think your decision and go for something local, especially if you are already having a destination wedding. Weddings can definitely do some wear and tear to those wallets; so try to be considerate when choosing the locale. If you do decide to travel, be realistic about who can be in attendance. Not everyone may be able to make it due to work, kids, budget, etc. But just because your besties can't be there for your long distance party, doesn't mean you should hold it against them. Everyone has lives and you can't fault them for that!

2. Don't Let Your Wishes Go Unheard

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are synonymous with pushing limits and skirting right up to the line without crossing it. Despite the possible grey areas, make sure your wishes for the night are black and white. Whoever is throwing the party for you should know how you want the night to go and what boundaries you would like to have. If you aren't into tiaras, sashes, and men in banana hammocks, then opt for a different kind of party. Whether it be a surf trip or a wine and canvas night, there are no rules as to what your party has to be like. To each their own!

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3. Don't Forget You Are Getting Married

This may be the last tip, but it is certainly the most important. While you and your girls may be caught up in the hubbub of planning your bash, you mustn't forget the whole point of it all - you will be marrying your best friend in the end. Be sure to sit down with your partner and talk about your parties and what you would or would not be okay with. Are you both okay with strippers? Are you both okay with pictures being shared on social media? Are you both okay with family in attendance? All of these hard subjects should be discussed and dealt with before the shindigs take place, not after.

Because the last thing you need are these parties causing any surprises or scuffles in the weeks or even days leading up to the most important one - the wedding!