Italian Island Honeymoon Getaways: Classic vs. Off-the-Beaten Path

Italian Island Honeymoon Getaways: Classic vs. Off-the-Beaten Path

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If you're torn between choosing a beach honeymoon in a tropical locale versus an European excursion we don't blame you. One offers relaxation while the other offers history-but there's no reason you can't have both! Picking a European island located in the Mediterranean gives honeymooners the best of both worlds: History plus the full-beach experience. Still, there's still a few options to sort out. There are classic destinations like the Italian island of Capri, or you could be a bit more adventurous and try escaping to an island getaway that's a little less well known. But why pick between a honeymoon classic and an off-the-beaten-path gem when you can do both? Just hop on a ferry to shuttle between these dazzling Italian duos.

The Classic: Capri

Those grottoes! Those ruins! Those chic Italians on Vespas! Capri is so fantastically fashionable, don't be surprised if you run into Rihanna while window-shopping at Gucci. Check in to the cliffside Hotel Caesar Augustus for knockout views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

Doubles from $753, including breakfast; caesar-augustus.com

Photo: Courtesy of Ischia San Montano

The Up-and-Comer: Ischia

This speck of hot-spring-dotted lava was once a literary haunt (Truman Capote, W.H. Auden) and is now a magnet for spa-loving Europeans looking to get their volcanic mud on. Another claim to fame: Parts of The Talented Mr. Ripley were filmed here. Take a dip in the thermal pools at the San Montano Resort & Spa, which also has the best beach on the isle.

Doubles from $500; sanmontano.com

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