Kate Upton's Wedding Dress Is About to Be Your New Dream Gown

Kate Upton's Wedding Dress Is About to Be Your New Dream Gown

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These new photos of Kate Upton and Justin Verlander's Tuscany wedding are stealing our heart-especially the stunning shots of the model's wedding dress! Or should we say, wedding dresses. That's right, this bride donned two gorgeous gowns on her wedding day. Although that shouldn't come as any surprise, considering Kate's fashion prowess. Still, color us stunned over just how fab these frocks truly are.

As previously reported, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander tied the knot on November 4 in Tuscany, Italy. “We fell in love with the Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco resort because of its amazing history and incredible scenery,” said Kate, opening up to Vogue in a new interview. “It was really important to Justin and me that it feel like we were on vacation with our closest friends and family,” she explained.

Well, this vacay was one the bride and groom almost missed due to a little thing called the World Series. Justin was pitching for the Houston Astros in Game 7 of the World Series when their guests were already arriving at their venue! “Everybody is in Italy! Everyone is at the venue! We had an event that night and everyone's texting us, saying your wedding is so pretty. Wish you were here!” Kate later joked on The Tonight Show. But thankfully, Kate and Justin made it to Tuscany in time for their I dos-and with a World Series win under the groom's belt!


On the big day, the couple wed in a flower-filled ceremony. "We found a beautiful corner of paradise that Tuscany Flowers helped transform into our 'secret garden,'" Kate told Vogue. And the romantic, otherworldliness of the ceremony space extended to the bride's truly lovely wedding dress.

"For my ceremony dress, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the fantastic team at Valentino," said the model bride. "They are the best at creating delicate, beautiful lace and details, and their Italian heritage kept the fashion and feel authentic to our venue. The design process was extremely collaborative, so I was able to really include my personal style and create my dream dress.”


As for her big-day beauty look, “We wanted to keep the beauty classic and simple for the ceremony, and then went bolder for the reception,” explained Kate.

And about that reception… Post-ceremony, Kate pulled off a quick costume change, slipping into a slinky, sultry second dress by Christy Rilling Studio. “I wanted a dress that I could have fun in, but that still brought the glamour,” Kate told Vogue of her second frock. Elegantly embellished with pretty pearls and featuring a swooping, low-back detail, the dress was a major success.


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The best part of Kate's second slip? It was just the thing to dance the night away in! The reception dance floor was packed all night long, with the festivities including a fireworks show, two bands (the Soul Brothers and The Kitts), and late-night karaoke.

With a World Series win and fresh I dos, these two certainly had a lot to celebrate!


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