OITNB Star Samira Wiley is Engaged! And We Are Loving Her Engagement Ring

OITNB Star Samira Wiley is Engaged! And We Are Loving Her Engagement Ring

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She's exchanging her orange jumpsuit for wedding white! Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley is engaged, so break out the hooch - it's time to celebrate! The actress' girlfriend, Netflix series writer Lauren Morelli, just popped the question and Wiley revealed the news via an Instagram engagement ring selfie so cute it should be illegal.

Poussey has officially checked out of Litchfield (it's not a spoiler if it's been months, y'all… ), but Wiley is still quite married to OITNB - literally! - with the news that she's set to wed the series' writer. The pair first met on the set of the hit show, back when Morelli was still married to her ex-husband. Then in May 2014, Morelli penned an emotional essay where she stated that writing for the series helped her come to terms with her sexuality, openly admitting that she was in fact gay. Soon after her divorce from her husband, Wiley and Morelli went public with their relationship, bestowing upon us their sheer adorableness and showing the world what love is.

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Since then, the pair has been posting cutesy couple photos all over the 'Gram, but it's their latest pic that's got us squealing with delight - mainly for the new special sparkler on Wiley's finger! The actress revealed her nuptial news on social media today with a picture that features the couple with mile-wide smiles and Wiley showing off her diamond engagement ring. "Yes," the actress captioned the too-sweet snapshot.

The chicly simple engagement ring totes a princess-cut diamond, uniquely sitting vertically on the band. And despite tons of squinting, we can't quite make out whether the band is gold or if it has teeny tiny baguettes, but obvi we're hoping for more bling. Could one ever have too much?

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Wiley isn't the only OITNB star planning to tie the knot. Lea DeLaria (a.k.a. Big Boo) is engaged to fiancГ© Chelsea Fairless with the big day set for January 8, 2017. Their co-star Uzo Aduba has already signed up to play wedding singer at DeLaria's nuptials, but we're already dreaming up a million other ways to bring Litchfield to Wiley's wedding venue. Toilet paper veil, anyone?

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