How to Keep an Injury from Ruining Your Wedding Day

How to Keep an Injury from Ruining Your Wedding Day

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Accidents happen to the best of us, and as fate would have it they often occur at the worst possible moment - especially when a broken leg sidelines a bride-to-be weeks before her big day. Every bride should be able to dance the night away at her nuptials, but what happens when an injury throws a wrench in your wedding plans? Our etiquette experts weigh in.

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Your health should be your first priority, so be sure to schedule a check-in with your doctor if you haven't already done so. Despite your visions of striking a pose for wedding photos in four-inch stilettos, your physician's expert opinion should dictate your course of action. If you disregard doctor's orders and go about your wedding preparations and big day as if you weren't in a cast, you could prolong the time it takes your leg to heal and cause more damage than a quirky wedding photo.

Luckily, the bridal industry embraces sartorial requests of all sorts to disguise injuries and impediments. If a customized pair of crutches or a bedazzled boot will calm your wedding-day fashion concerns, your bridal salon will likely be delighted to help or recommend someone who could lend a hand.

You'll also need to speak with your ceremony and reception venues to make sure each space is leg cast-friendly. Make sure each provides a level surface for your crutches or wheelchair, and ask for the addition of a ramp if necessary.

Finally, lean on your husband-to-be for support. He has committed to loving you in sickness and in health, so take the challenge as a chance to practice your teamwork as a couple.