This Couple's First Dance Performance is Making Star Wars Fans Go Nuts

This Couple's First Dance Performance is Making Star Wars Fans Go Nuts

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A choreographed dance at a wedding is always welcome, but when it involves BeyoncГ© and real life stormtroopers, you know it's going to be good. That's exactly what happened at Kathryn Holloway and Phillip Wood's wedding, and it was definitely a sight to see.

The British couple of honor who tied the knot in Granada, Spain knew that they wanted a show (and a Star Wars tribute) during their reception, so they asked the dancing group Boogie Storm to perform a routine for the first dance, according to Pop Sugar. The dance group is known for their stint on Britain's Got Talent and most importantly for wow-ing judge Simon Cowell who hit the gold buzzer while they were performing.

At the wedding, the group of five (who dresses as stormtroopers during their routines) stunned the crowd with their dance to a mashup of songs which included "Gangnam Style," "Single Ladies," and several other beloved showstoppers, obviously. Even though they're famous for not being very good shooters in the film, they hit their mark At the end of the routine, however, there was quite the surprise. Darth Vader made an appearance (aka the groom,), and with his presence, one of the storm troopers took off her helmet to reveal that it actually was the bride, dancing along the entire time with Boogie Storm! Talk about a "most impressive" first dance.

"We wanted it to be a complete surprise, and it definitely was," Holloway, 31, shared with Daily Mail about the reception performance. The couple (who are clearly Star Wars obsessed) came up with the idea after seeing the Liverpool dance crew make the finals of BGT this past May. While they were watching, the bride-to-be looked at 35-year-old Wood, and said, "that's what you want for a first dance." She then went on to find the group on Twitter, messaging them to see if they would perform at a wedding. 'It was just a bit of a joke to start with.*I'm a big Star Wars fan so she said she was going to try and get in touch, then next thing I knew they'd emailed back and I realized it could genuinely happen. All the guys, when we were waiting to go on, said they were more nervous than ever because it was our wedding and they wanted us to do really well, they wanted it to be perfect for us."

When she got the affirmative, Holloway actually travelled to Liverpool before the wedding several times to practice with the dance crew and make sure that they could dance in-sync. "The Stormtrooper costumes are really heavy, hot and sweaty, and once you've got the helmet on you have very limited vision so it is difficult, but I was determined not to let them or myself down by falling over - and I didn't want to give the surprise away," the bride recalled.

To top off the fun, the couple had a Star Wars cake shaped like the Millennium Falcon, with Yoda and Chewbacca cupcakes.*After their big dance reveal, all the guests were given light sabers to enjoy on the dance floor. A wedding theme that will be remembered in a galaxy far, far away (and on the internet) for years to come. See the full video, below!


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