Amy Adams Admits the Real Reason She and Husband Darren Le Gallo Didn't Elope

Amy Adams Admits the Real Reason She and Husband Darren Le Gallo Didn't Elope

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For some brides the process of planning their dream fairytale wedding can actually be a nightmare. Instead of envisioning a large affair where every detail is planned to the second, some brides would rather jet off and elope in an intimate and private celebration. Turns out, actress Amy Adams and her husband Darren Le Gallo had plans to elope privately, but their pre-wedding celebrations actually got in the way!

The now-married couple was in Las Vegas where they planned to tie the knot in private, but it seems like Vegas actually got the best of them. "We wanted to find a chaplain, go to the desert and get married at sunset," she revealed in the April 2016 issue of Marie Claire UK. "But to be honest, we got too drunk. Then it was just not going to happen." So it's probably a good thing they waited - nobody wants a Hangover style wedding.

The two announced their engagement in July 2008, but waited seven years to tie the knot. It's understandable why the two waited so long to make it official - they had a busy seven years between the ring and the nuptials. During that time they celebrated four Oscar nominations and welcomed their first child, Aviana Olea. It's no surprise there wasn't any time to plan a wedding!

Finally, after 14 years together the two made it down the aisle in a quiet spring ceremony in California in 2015. Other than that, the quiet couple hasn't divulged any more details from their wedding. We're still left daydreaming about what Adams' dress looked like… sigh.

After all those years together you'd think Adams and Le Gallo would have this whole marriage thing down. Adams admitted to the magazine, however, it wasn't as easy of an adjustment as she thought it would be. "I definitely feel like I can't make empty threats," she said. "Before, I could be like, 'I'm just going to go down and get a hotel room, and I'm going to think this through!' Though I'm making myself sound horrible to this poor, awesome guy. Relationships are hard. I think what I learned is, you just have to make a choice. Marriage is a choice."


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