Mick Jagger's Son Is Married! And His Wedding Was Not Very Rock 'n' Roll

Mick Jagger's Son Is Married! And His Wedding Was Not Very Rock 'n' Roll

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As far as rockstar weddings go (or rockstar offsprings' weddings, in this case), the "I dos" between Mick Jagger's son James Jagger - currently the star of HBO's Vinyl - and Anoushka Sharma were definitely a tad more traditional, especially when compared to the nuptials of the groom's dear old dad! The younger Jagger just married his girlfriend of seven years over the weekend, and considering the prim and proper British venue and classic wedding style, his weekend nuptials were certainly a far cry from Mick Jagger's St. Tropez and Indonesian rockstar-approved weddings.

The Jagger dynasty earned itself a plus-one with the addition of former shop assistant, Anoushka Sharma, who tied the knot with James Jagger on Saturday, April 23. Sharma, who met her now-husband back when she was working his sister's jewelry boutique, has since left retail life behind to pursue a career in the arts - which we're sure her new famous father-in-law is definitely in support of! But would these traditional nuptials get his stamp of approval?

The bride donned a classic lace wedding dress, complete with long sleeves, an illusion neckline, and embroidered veil, for her wedding at the stately Cornwell Manor in Oxfordshire, according to the U.K.'s Telegraph. After tying the knot ahead of Saturday's celebration in a private ceremony up in the Catskills mountains, they couple played host to about 200 guests during their official wedding weekend, including the groom's mother and new step-father, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch, who wed earlier this year. (We can't help but wonder what it's like being engaged at the same time as your mother… ) Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Woods was also in attendance, of course, but alas the newlyweds didn't take their first spin on the dance floor to "Wild Horses," instead opting for "It Must Be Love" by Madness as their first dance song.

Although the groom's sister, Georgia May Jagger, and the groom himself got a little funky with their wedding attire, both wearing tailored suits in colorful hues, the majority of the matrimony looked to be as traditional as their English countryside surroundings A.K.A. almost nothing like the nuptials between James Jagger's parents, who were wed in Bali by a Hindu priest back in 1990 - a union which was later deemed not even legal by the High Court of England and Wales!

2010 Georges DeKeerle

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Not to mention, the bride's elegant lacey frock was a far cry from the wedding day attire of her father-in-law's first wedding to Bianca Jagger. Remember the now-iconic Yves Saint Laurent smoking jacket Bianca donned for her courthouse nuptials? Wedding style history was made that day in 1971.

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But whatever the bridal persona, from conventional and classic to unconventional-chic, one thing's for sure: The glamorous Jagger clan will always wed in style.


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