Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd Are Married! See Their Wedding Photos

Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd Are Married! See Their Wedding Photos

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Wedding bells are ringing for actor Josh Brolin and model Kathryn Boyd, because they officially tied the knot yesterday!

Brolin's rep confirmed to People today that the couple got married yesterday, though you can follow along on social media using Brolin and Boyd's wedding hashtag, #JBKBStuckTogether, where guests and bridal party members have been sharing photos of the bridal shower, ceremony, and reception. Our favorite photo has to be the one posted today by Brolin himself, a black and white snap (see below) of the two laughing and holding hands as they leave their reception. Brolin looked like a classic groom in a tuxedo and bow tie, while Boyd when for the simple-chic bridal look of minimal makeup, straight hair, a blinged-out bracelet, and a long, sheath wedding dress.

What's even more adorable than this picture of the newlyweds? The caption Brolin accompanied the picture with. "Thank you to all who were involved and made the trek: friends and family alike. We love you all dearly, deeply, and without measure. JB&KB," wrote the actor, following a poem by E.E. Cummings.

Brolin has been a very hands-on groom when it comes to wedding planning, as he told Today during an interview last year.

"I like it, it's fun for me," Brolin said. "I don't know, is that wrong because I'm a man?"

Of course not! We love a groom who is all about being a part of the wedding planning process, and we're sure it took some stress off of Boyd's plate knowing her future hubby was willing to help out.

Boyd and Brolin started dating last February and got engaged a few months later in the spring, after Boyd spent some time as his assistant but were caught kissing during a vacation in Rome. If only all office romances ended with romantic vacations in Rome and flawless celebrity weddings!


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