Here's What You Can Expect Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Wear at the Royal Wedding

Here's What You Can Expect Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Wear at the Royal Wedding

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With May 19 quickly approaching, we'll soon see how all the details of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding will play out. Who'll be the lucky designer to craft the bride-to-be's wedding dress? What fairytale-worthy carriage will the newlyweds ride through the streets of Windsor in after the ceremony? And who will make up Meghan and Harry's bridal party? Luckily, we already have a few suspicions in regards to that last question. While Prince William will likely stand in as his younger brother's best man and Markle has a bunch of BFFs to chose from in regards to her maid of honor (including actress Priyanka Chopra!), we're most excited about the tiniest, most adorable members of Meghan and Harry's bridal party-their page boy and flower girl.

"Brides in the U.K. do not usually have as many adult bridesmaids as their U.S. counterparts. Weddings featuring flower girls and page boys are more common," Stephanie Staub, designer and founder of Little Eglantine, exclusively tells Brides. "Generally speaking, U.K. brides prefer more children within their bridal party, resulting in the most adorable photographs."

Photo by Grand-Ducal Court/Guy Wolff; Courtesy of Stephanie Staub

As a royal wedding party expert (it's a thing), Stephanie Staub knows what she's talking about. She previously designed the flower girl dresses and page boy outfits (above) for the royal nuptials of Prince Felix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg-so who better to predict who the pint-sized members of Meghan and Harry's wedding party will be? "I personally think that Princess Charlotte, 2, and Prince George, 4, will be part of the bridal party," muses Staub. "Ivy, the daughter of Jessica Mulroney, a very good friend of Meghan, is also said to be a flower girl."

Getty Images

And just like the bride and groom, these lucky little ones will be dressed to the nines, too. "In British royal weddings, flower girls usually wear long silk dresses with puff sleeves and a sash tying in a big bow at the back. The perfect princess dress every little girl dreams of!" Staub explains. "Depending on the age of the page boys, we can expect them to wear silk breeches if they are young of age, or trousers if a bit older. A cummerbund and a Peter Pan collar or officer collar shirt completes the look. Both Princess Diana's and Kate Middleton's flower girls, for example, wore ivory silk flower girl dresses, with their page boys donning military jackets."

But just like the other royal wedding traditions Meghan has been putting her own spin on (such as her and Harry's banana wedding cake and her expected reception speech), Staub expects Meghan to modernize the flower girl and page boy outfits, as well. "Meghan has already said that she has the 'desire to wear something simple and classy and very elegant,' as royal reporter Omid Scobie previously divulged. So I think she'll have her flower girls and page boys wear very elegant outfits, as well. Since she is also a modern woman, I don't expect her to look for something too conventional."

Courtesy of Stephanie Staub, Little Eglantine

To give us an idea of what we can expect to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte in on the big day, Staub dreamed up outfits for the royal couple's flower girls and page boys in the sketch above. "I would design knee-length flower girl dresses, which give a touch of modernity to a more traditional look. I would suggest a boat neckline, which I personally find very elegant, with three quarter length sleeves, as it might still be a bit chilly inside St. George's Chapel in May. I imagine the dresses in blush pink taffeta with an ivory taffeta sash and covered buttons in the back. And as Meghan is very fond of lace, I would add a delicate and subtle lace trimming to the end of the sleeves and petticoat. The flower girls should be wearing roses and baby wreath headdresses as well."

"Since Prince George is still at a tender age, I would suggest an ivory cotton Peter Pan collar shirt with long sleeves, with a gold cummerbund and a pair of ivory taffeta three quarter button shorts, which I also find very smart and will be a perfect match to the ivory of the dresses."

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Who wouldn't want this angelic-looking pair walking down their own wedding aisle? While we don't think Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be taking requests for wedding appearances, Staub tells us that this is a British tradition that's easy to incorporate into your own big day.

"Depending on the style of your wedding, you could opt for very traditional designs, like Little Eglantine's double-breasted shirts with knickerbockers for the boys," suggests Staub. "For a more contemporary look, opt for a Peter Pan collar shirt, cotton French shorts with cummerbund, and cotton sneakers for the boys. As for the girls, knee-length flower girl dresses are heavenly."

Consider yourself one step closer to throwing a royal wedding of your very own!


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