Honeymoon Hotel Upgrade Tips You Need to Know

Honeymoon Hotel Upgrade Tips You Need to Know

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After all that wedding planning and the whirlwind wedding day, it's finally time to relax, breathe, and bask in the glow of newly wedded bliss on your honeymoon! One thing many newlyweds don't realize is their prime position for perks and special treatment. With these eight honeymoon hotel upgrade tips, you can take full advantage of your newlywed status!

1. Tell Your Concierge It's Your Honeymoon When You Book The Room

When you are booking your honeymoon travel arrangements, do as much as you can on the phone or via email, instead of on travel websites. Often representatives and concierges will ask what you're traveling for, which is the perfect opportunity to casually mention that you'll be celebrating your recent marriage.

The concierge will typically make note, and it can translate to pleasant perks throughout your stay. Get ready for anything from a room upgrade, flowers, complimentary drink coupons, champagne and strawberries waiting for you upon arrival, etc. Most hotels will go out of their way to spoil two newlyweds.

2. Share the Love on Social Media

Any hotel with a savvy social media manager will be monitoring the property's social accounts. If you mention the hotel throughout your stay, you'll pop up on their radar. Tag the hotel, note that you're honeymooning, say glowing things about the resort, and you just might wind up with some fun perks!

3. Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

There's really no better upgrade than a completely free room. Plan ahead and book a wedding venue that offers complimentary hotel stays. For example, Hyatt has a rewards program that offers couples up to five free honeymoon nights when they wed at a Hyatt property. Marriott has a similar program where couples can get up to two free honeymoon nights, as well.

4. Book Services Ahead of Time

If you're planning on booking activities or services from the hotel, do so ahead of time. This is a good tip for getting hotel upgrades whether it's your honeymoon or not. When the concierge checks you in and sees you're booked for a couples massage and facial, have reserved a poolside cabana, made reservations at the hotel restaurant, and so forth, he'll take note of the fact that you're spending money at the resort-and the fact that you're honeymooners-and your chances for an upgrade have effectively doubled.

5. Plan Your Hotel Stay During the Off-Season

Traveling during the off-season has its advantages when it comes to hotel prices. Not only are your hotel stays (and flights, for that matter) going to be less expensive, you'll also have more of a chance for a room upgrade, simply because the hotel has more availability. During peak season, a hotel might want to upgrade you to one of their best suites, but will be unable to do so because the majority of their rooms-even their best suites-are already booked. For that reason, honeymooners will have a better chance of getting upgraded if they book their stay during the off-season. (If you are traveling during peak season, the same logic can still apply if you book weekdays rather than weekends.)

6. Ask for a Room Upgrade, Flat Out

Fortune favors the bold. Sometimes the best way to get a hotel room upgrade is to ask for it, flat out. There is, of course, a right way to ask. A heartfelt, earnest request (never a demand) can sometimes seal the deal when it comes to getting a better room. When you're booking your stay, you'll mention it's your honeymoon, but then follow up with something like "I'd love to be able to surprise my significant other with an upgraded room!" or "If there's any possible way to get a room upgrade in honor of our honeymoon, we'd be so grateful!" It can't hurt to ask, and you just might walk away with a presidential suite overlooking the ocean.

7. Mention the Occasion When You Make Dinner Reservations, Too

These perks don't apply just to upgraded rooms-you can potentially score honeymoon treatment when dining in the hotel (or outside of the hotel, for that matter). Whenever you make dinner reservations, make it known that you're on your honeymoon. When the maitre d' asks how many guests will be joining you, revel in the chance to say "It will be me and my fiancГ©-I mean, he'll be my husband by then!" or respond that you'll be newlyweds if they ask if you're celebrating a special occasion.

It might feel awkward, but just remember: It saves you the trouble of explaining you're newlyweds halfway through dinner! It also makes acknowledging your special occasion easier for the hotel or restaurant, as they can prepare any celebratory perks in advance instead of hurrying to pull something together at the last minute. So relax, enjoy your wedding, and look forward to that complimentary glass of champagne as a honeymooner!

8. Know That the Perks Go Far Beyond Your Hotel Stay

Honeymooners can upgrade their flight experience as well. Mentioning that you're honeymooning when booking a flight or at the gate can also lead to an upgrade to first class. (Check out more tips on how to get free honeymoon flight upgrade here!)

Wherever you go, whatever you do, make it known (subtly or not) that you're on your honeymoon, and chances are, businesses will do whatever they can to upgrade or comp you.